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Feel sick:

Please stay home if anyone in your household, including yourself, has felt  sick within the past two weeks.


All classes will end 10 minutes early to decrease the number of students transitioning at the same time.

Face Mask

Please arrive dressed and ready to dance. Everyone entering the facility must wear a face covering.


We recommend all dancers to continuously wear their mask. They should be worn over the nose & mouth at all times.

Keep distance:

Please remain at least six (6) feet from each other. Approximately two (2) arm lengths.


Student will have the option of participating in-person or virtually. Zoom links are available in the parents' portal.


Please, whenever possible,  remain in the car until class time. Arrive with dance attire under clothes. Mask on.


Each student under the age of 3 will need someone to shadow them in class. A buddy will be helpful at home also.

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