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Q & A


Will classes be in-person? Yes, all classes will be in-person. Virtual classes are optional.


Can I participate online if I'm sick? Any student who feels sick or may have been exposed to COVID should opt to  participate virtually.


Who can enter the studio? One adult may accompany the student into the studio for drop-off & pickup. 


Can payments be made at the studio? No, all tuition payments and fees must be paid online through the parent portal.


Are mask requred in the studio? Mask are optional. Everyone entering the facility over the age of 2 is encouraged to wear a mask.


How long should a sick student stay home and participate virtually? We will follow the CDC guidelines for Youth Sports. 


Can students change at the studio? Students should arrive to the studio pre-dressed in dance attire.


Will classes remain in-person? The studio reserves the right to move to 100% virtual if required by the City of Philadelphia.
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